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Brandeis will be catering my reception. We have yet to finalize a menu. We are doing a buffet. I have heard mostly good things but have been told to stay away from certain menu choices. Does anyone have any suggestions or warnings?

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    We had the beef with bordelaise sauce (or something like that...) the chicken caccitore.  Both were really good.  We also had the orzo (it was so-so), sonoma vegetables (good), fresh fruit, and salad.We did a tasting before finalizing the menu and I'm glad we did.  Definitely ask to schedule one if you have time.
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    We also went with Brandeis and our food was great. They actually let us pick two salads and two starches instead of 3 and 1. For meat: sirloin and bone-in herb chicken. I was a little leery about bone-in chicken, but it was soooo   moist and tasted great. For Starch:  Garlic mashed potatoes and the rice pilaf. For salad: broccoli salad and regular lettuce saladI think my favorite thing was the broccoli salad. It was awesome; I would highly recommend it.The only negative I have heard was the chicken cordon bleu is not homemade; I think it is similar to the packaged stuff you can buy at the store.Hope this helps. Again, we loved our food and like Anna said setting up a tasting will be very helpful.
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