Vendor reviews 10/17/2009

Hey ladies! Just a quick little vendor review.  Everything turned out perfect.  It was a ton of fun! My only suggestion to future brides- slow down!  Enjoy the day! Savor every moment. Everyone says that day just flies- it doesn't have to.  Pay attention to the details and the people and you'll have a fantastic day and remember everything!!Ceremony/Reception Hall:  A View at Fontenelle Hills.  Absolutely gorgeous!  We were married out on the deck then went upstairs for cocktails and back downstairs for dinner.  This place is incredible.  It's in a natural setting right on the golf course- we even had deer walk across the fairway during the ceremony.  I didn't hear any complaints about the bar or anything.  Everything was fantastic. Lots of cool places to take pictures as well!!Officiant:  Juanita Kay- she did a fine job. Her fees were acceptable and she does a good job keeping in contact with you leading up to the ceremony. She even laminated our ceremony and put it into a book that matched our wedding colors. Highly recommended!Photographer:  Greve Photography. They are a husband/wife team and working with them was nice and easy.  Their package includes engagement pics which is good because you can "check out their work".  The e-pics turned out fabulous and i am looking forward to seeing the wedding pics. Jim and Traci were great!!! Prices  are extremely affordable for such quality!!DJ:  Adam Grote of Premier Sounds. Inc.  Adam did an awesome job keeping in close contact.  He met with me on at least three different occasions and had paperwork to guide me thru what songs and when.  He moved the evening along and everyone seemed to have a great time!!!Cake:  Lorraine Arthur.  Her cake is fantastic. I didn't have any left other than my topper and i should have had more than enough!!! We chose her almond white with chocolate fudge frosting on one layer and almond white with raspberry filling in another.  The cake itself was gorgeous!  She also was extremely easy to work with!!  Our grooms cake was from Hyvee. Chocolate/chocolate sheet cake- again it was gobbled up!!!  Delish!Caterer:  Hyvee at Shadow Lake. Jennifer Lamoureoux was great to work with. She met with me on multiple occasions and returned my emails very quickly.  She offered solutions to my "issues" and was a pleasure to work with.  We chose a buffet dinner of rotesserie turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls.  I heard compliments all night long!!! It was great!  At $7/person- it's a steal!!!  Her staff was also very cordial and polite.  One of the servers even complimented Grandpa on his blessing and thanked him for giving it.Flowers:  Florals Etc.  Traci Diehl was also very easy to work with. Flowers were not my priority but she really listened to what i liked and didn't like and guided me through the process.  The bouquets were stunning and they were there at the venue before I even got there.Hair/Makeup:  My bridesmaids and I all had our makeup done at MAC.  All was well other than my eyelashes- they weren't long enough- in fact my hair girl didn't even know i had fake ones on so we ended up redoing them with more dramatic ones- otherwise they were great!  We went to Turning Heads Salon. Rylee did my hair and she did a splendid job.  Everyone loved my giant hair!! :)Dresses:  David's Bridal.  Everything went fine.  I tried on a few dresses and chose "the one"  Alterations were a breeze- there were none! Just the bustle.  The dress was perfect!!  The girls dresses turned out great as well!!!Tuxes: Mens Wearhouse. All the guys looked great so I guess they did a good job!!I hope i didn't forget anyone!  I wouldn't have changed a single thing about this wedding.  We used chocolate brown linens with ivory chair covers and brown sash for the tables. Our centerpieces were a mix of brown and gold curly willow and gold/brown pine cones- very inexpensive but everyone loved them!  That's all i've got- thanks for reading and if any of you knotties want additional information or vendor contact information feel free to email me at [email protected]!

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    Congrats! I would love to see the pictures of your flowers I am also going with Traci!
    Philip && Tinya 12.11.10
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    Congrats, glad everything went well!!!  I would love some of your pics from your ceremony / reception.  I'm getting married at A View also June 2010.  Did you have your dj do your ceremony music?  I signed the contract before they had their preferred dj.  How did your dj do w/ their in-place set up?  Also, was your cake person someone who did it out of their home or do they have a shop?i think that's it for now.  Again, congrats!!!
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    Ladies- hit me up on facebook- it's listed under Darcy Ryschon-Zach. That is where i have my current wedding pictures and when i get the professional ones back they will all go on there as well.  Adam did a fine job. He did do the ceremony music. I guess it went well because we had the door cracked upstairs and I could hear the music as my que to go out on the balcony.  The only complaint I had with their sound system- i don't know if this was aview or Adam but there were a ton of people who told me that they couldn't hear the blessing or the toasts.  Our head table was on the dance floor which is right in the middle so I don't know if it wasn't turned up or what. I felt the same with the grand entrance- couldn't hear him announcing out names (we were standing in the front lobby at that point) Lorraine makes the cakes out of her home- she has double ovens built into her kitchen walls. She talked to the owner at length the day that she brought the cake in and was going to go back and give her business cards. I'm pretty sure Brandi (the owner) was impressed with her cake so I don't see why you couldn't use her.   She is not an amateur!   I have a great pic on my facebook of the cake.Keep the questions coming girls! I know how stressful a wedding is!
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