hey i saw that u r getting 2 wedding bands-are you getting princess or round diamonds on them? or have u not decided?  i'm asking because my e-ring has a round center, 2 rows of round on each side and a row of princess on each side and i just can't decide if i should get round or princess or one of each- so i figured i'd ask you :)

Re: Lindseymr

  • thejennygirlthejennygirl member
    edited December 2011
    my fiance took the cd with all my pics on it so as soon as i can get the pics back on my computer i can send you one i can't seem to figure out how to get it on my page :(  whats your email?   i love my ring just how it is. i already have one round diamond band but really want to get a second band but i didnt know if it would be too bulky. have u tried 2 on with your ring?  (my e-ring from my first husband was princess center and all princess on the sides)
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