Fountains Ballroom -Has anyone used them?

Hello ladies.  I am in the beginning stages of planning and have really fallen in love with The Fountains Ballroom.  It's in Glenwood, IA - close to Council Bluffs.  I was just curious if anyone checked into this place or had their wedding there.  I'm just trying to get an idea on price, how things were handled, etc.  I will post this on the IA board also, but thought I would try here as well since it is so close to the metro.Thanks!  Jill

Re: Fountains Ballroom -Has anyone used them?

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    I used the Fountains, we got married there in October actually. We were both very happy with everything and really had no complaints :)
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    Thanks for the reply!   Just curious if you would be willing to share ballpark of what the cost was?  If not, I understand.  Just trying to get an idea if this is even an option for us.  If you would rather email, my email is wishonastar01 at gmail dot com.Thanks!  Jill
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    I fell in love with the fountains too, my biggest hold back was that you HAVE to use their photog.  Even with that, I tried to contact them to schedule an appt to see the facility.  I exchanged several emails with a woman there and on a Friday asked to schedule a date the following Monday.  She said she would get back to me.  That was 4 weeks ago, to this day, I haven't heard anything.  Left a sour taste for me.  If you go with them, I wish you better luck  :-)
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