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    I'm sorry to hear that.  I think that would be nice to display that off to the side somewhere.  Another idea I've heard is to leave a seat empty at the ceremony and put a flower on it or something.  Not sure if that would upset anyone.  You might want to wait until it's closer and talk to FI about it and have him (or you if you are close) talk to FI's mom.I got married May 9th this year so you are picking a good weekend! 
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    Thanks, that's a neat idea! THat might be easier to handle!
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    I've seen a lot of things to honor those who have passed.  I know that our wedding will have 3 very important people missing: his biological father, and my two grandfathers.  (while grandparents missing usually isn't something that is acknowledged, our relationship was much closer than usual--on his deathbed my one grandpa told me that he was so sorry he wouldn't be able to come to my wedding--and this was when I was it was something very special)

    I know we are planning on having a memorial table with three candles and their pictures on it.  I am also going to be tying my grandpa's wedding ring into my bouquet.  We are putting those things at the back of the program as well, basically saying we want to honor those who can't be there.

    It's definately a tough and delicate subject, and it sounds like you are wanting to be as sensitive as possible in resolving it--I think whatever you decide, will be very special.
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