Florist Recs please!

Just wondering which florists people used.  I am look for a place that can do a large amount... about 30 centerpieces, 6 bouquets, large arrangements, etc.

Any suggestions are good ones! Thanks!!

Re: Florist Recs please!

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    I did most of my own flowers so my experience is a little different but I ordered my flowers through Lisa at HyVee on 108th and Center.  She did my corsages and bouts and did a really good job.  I'm pretty sure she does weddings at HyVee.  I've heard good things about using HyVee.

    Frank at Muhulls also gets good reviews on this board.

    I think some recently used Debbie Pitt and had a good experience.

    If you look through old posts, you'll see more recs.
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    Frank at Mulhall's did my wedding and he was great!  He will work with your budget and has great ideas... his flowers were beautiful!

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    Frank at Mulhall's is incredible.  period.

    However, you can find lots of recs. for this topic in the history of this community.  Lots of girls had great recs. for smaller florists, chain florists, etc...

    Good luck!
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    Call Ken Meis 402-558-9149, you may have to leave a message.  Ken works out of his workroom at home & he is sooo creative & reasonable.  He will do so much more than just deliver your flowers, he even pinned corsages on & decorated the cake, tables, handrails, etc.  We LOVED him.  Our tall centerpieces were AMAZING!  Good luck.
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    Go for Frank at Mulhlhalls.  He is wonderful and my FIL!  Tell him what you want and he will work with you.

    I had  a friedn try to go with Ken, it didn't go well...he kept trying to go above the budget etc....
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    I am not sure if he works in Omaha but I used Gerry at Flowerworks in LIncoln and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him!  I got quotes from a few other florists and none of them came close to Gerry - he ended up giving me so many more flowers than I would have thought I could afford with our very miniscule flower budget!
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