Vendor Reviews!

Reception: Johnson Legion Hall B
The Legion hall was SO affordable had a great wooden floor and stage. They have bartenders and ask you what kind of alcohol to have on hand. We were able to actually rent it Thursday-Sunday which worked out AMAZING because we decorated most of it Thursday and did last minute things Friday. The only reason I gave it less than an A is because of the carpeting on the wall. Not what I pictured for my dream wedding but considered everything else couldn't be passed up.

Food: Scotty's Catering (out of Elk Creek, NE) A+
The food was AWESOME and SO REASONABLY priced! We had barbeque buffet and the pulled pork we had left over I just SAVORED I keep trying to think of reasons to get some more of that food!

Flowers: Lincoln Hyvee at 84th & Holdrege D-
From the start they were not very friendly. I wanted very plain flowers, just pink roses. For my bridal bouquet I just wanted some ivory with pink tipped roses. The Groom's boutinere was supposed to be one big pink rose. I gave them pictures of exactly what I wanted. And I got nothing that I wanted. ALL the bouquets had a ton of greenery which I specifically asked not to have, the girls' bouquet had some ivory roses, groom's bout was the same as the groomsmen! And the thing I was most excited about on my bouquet was the pink and teal wrap, and the girl's were to have teal wraps as well. And they all ended up being ivory (and were loosly tied). One of the roses fell out of my bouquet a few times during pictures BEFORE the ceremony! I hadn't even been holding it for 15 min! Girls and I spent 5 minutes trying to rip out all the greenery I hated. While the end product was pretty, it was NOT what I had wanted even a little. The reason I didn't give them an F was because after a long argument with the floral department they gave me half my money back. The floral lady had the nerve to say she thought they looked better the way she made them than the way I had wanted .. and paid for! It was a terrible experience. Would NEVER recommend them..

Cake: Lincoln Hyvee at 84th and Holdrege. B-
The cakes all tasted great! my tiered cake I was almost embarrased by. Also not what I had wanted at all. I paid for fondant and it was just frosted. it had an enourmous amount of roses on it (around 50!) when I only wanted 10. I also gave them a picture of exactly how I wanted it and it was not how I wanted. I ghave them such a high rating because it tasted awesome and when I told them about what went wrong they were apologetic and happy to refund the money for the fondant, with a bit extra since it was not how I wanted. SO much better to work with and because if this I would recommend them. Just be sure to do everything in your power to relay EXACTLY what you want.

Bandstand Music A-
Amy was great. Worked with me through all my questions, even made a mix for my fun father daughter dance. She even got us a refill on our drinks during dinner. The only thing was she didn't play all the songs on my must play list. Bummer.

Alfred Angelo in OKC A+
Since this is in OKC you probably won't care about the review but I'm reviewing it anyway! Angie there was awesome. THEY found me the dress, I never would have tried that dress on if they hadn't brought it to me. Lots of dresses to choose from in my tiny price range. They even told me to visit their website and come back  with a $100 off coupon!

Toberlin Photography A
Toby was awesome. He worked to get HUGE family pictures done quickly after the wedding. I haven't got the wedding album back yet, but the pictures i was able to see online were great .. and he made a guestbook with our e-pics that was awesome! We had to reschedule e-pcis a couple times due to weather but he was great! I just wish I made and brought a list of pics I wanted that he wouldn't have known about.

Men's Wearhouse B
Tuxes were nice. They always were very busy and I was always put on hold when I called (or once I was actually asked to call back because they were so busy. grr.) They were accommadating with a day later return date since people were coming in from out of town. That was the best plus, all but 1 person (the groom!) was out of town! Some just had to get fitted because they weren't close enough to a store but could send in their measurements. They seemed a little disorganized for the size of business they are, but I would probably recommend it.
Especially if everyone is in the same town!

Linda Lee B
She runs her alterations out of her home. She's a sweet lady but she has a tendancy to chat so the meetings weren't always quick. But she was so accommadating and knowledgable. And affordable. Give her a call and she'll talk you through the process and you can ask questions and you will probably decide to go with her.

Triple AAA rents. B
We had to go with them because they were the only place that had enough white chairs. I was told when we got them the the family who helped set them up had to wipe half of them down (250!) because they were dirty! The only girl who didn't seem uppity to me was the younger gal. She was super sweet. The linens we rented were nice. And they did have a wide variety of rentals.

Heather Cloupek of Hair Gallery A+
She was awesome .. did hair of me and all my girls, including the Mom's! AND she did almost all of our makeup (which looked amazing!). Even though I wished my hair were a bit more pouffy it stood up to and entire night of dancing .. which is an amazing feat. She was so awesome! I highly recommend her.

Rainbow Nails and Spa A+
I got Shellac polish on my hands, which took some time but it lasted over 2 weeks! so awesome .. and My mom and I got massages and it was great. My toenail polish lasted eternity and it was just the regular stuff. They did talk in a different language to each other which was a little unsettling but I would def recommend them. And they were affordable as well!

Wedding Coordinator:
My cousin Beth acted as my day of coordinator and looking back on it I would have rather have paid somoene to do it. I think she was stressed out and would have rather she had just had fun the day of!

Helzberg Diamonds for my ring B+
I LOVE my ring, but when we bought it it lost a couple small diamonds within a few months of wearing it! LUCKILY we bought the lifetime guarantee plan and it covered them and they were replaced. They also didn't tell me that with my white gold ring I would have to get it re-plated about every year. I still probably would have bought it, it just would have been nice to have known before I went back into the store wondering why my silver ring turned gold ..
Walmart for groom's ring A+
Husband isn't too excited about his ring but was happy about this ring from Walmart. It is tungsten and it is really pretty and it was only $50. Great buy.

Jewelry/Headpiece: Man I love that website .. I was able to have someone handmake me my jewelry with teh colors and lengths that I wanted. and it was from overseas which I think makes it a little bit more fun! And I got this beautiful flower barrette that I wore in my hair which I also got to personalize a bit. Highly recommend this site! And it has so much more than accessories!

Save the Dates: A+
We personalized magnets for our save the dates, right down to the specific color! We got a ton of compliments on them and they weren't too expensive either. They even came in this great tiffany blue box that I can use for pictures or whatever else. Def recommend them!

Hopefully I wasn't too harsh on the vendors .. I just wanted to give you the positives and negatives becaause that's what I appreciated when I looked at the reviews! Let me know if you have any questions!
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