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Update and happy easter

Hi girls,

Thanks so much for all your thoughts.  I met my new doctor on Monday morning and went for my 1st round of chemo yesterday.  Radiation in booked for next week. I can't believe how quick things have happened. 
I feel like I've gone 10 round in the ring with Mohammed Ali.  I've made best friends with my toilet and I'm thinking that buying shares in Gravol will pay out big.  I was told to eat toast or "baby" crackers/cookies which neither I've ever liked (Yay!) but it's about all I've been able to stomach since yesterday morning.
I'm supposed to go to my hometown today (6 hour drive) and cancelling will look a little suspicious, since no one knows yet back home and if/ when I tell them it's something I want to do in person so I'm hoping that taking an extra Gravol and lying in the backseat will help knock me out and I can sleep the whole way there.  (I've never been able to sleep in any type of transportation)
Anyways, I'm back off to bed while I wait for FI to get home from work.
Have a happy eaaster and hopefully I'll be in better shape next week to give everyone my (sometimes harsh) opinions on topics.
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