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Im not sure if i remember this right or not but i though i got advice to get nails done at Legacy Nail and Spa. I went there and really liked it. It is huge and i didnt have to wait at all. I however didnt like the guy that did my nails.I dont think he said a single word to me. Any suggestions on good nail tech there.... i kind of would like a female but i am open to suggestions. Thanks!

Re: Legacy Nail and Spa

  • mallen34mallen34 member
    edited December 2011
    I know you said you'd like a female, but I've been to Legacy Nails plenty of times in the past and Tony has always done a great job! And this is coming from a girl who is a perfectionist when it comes to getting nails done. If you're up for it, maybe give Tony a try and see if you like him.

    Edit: Plus, Tony always made conversation with me, so I wasn't ignored. Laughing
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  • klkoesterklkoester member
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    Ok i will give Tony a try.. thanks for the advice!
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