trouble witth times?

I am having trouble picking the times for the ceremony and the reception... because it is during football season, and my dad is worried the pictures are going to take forever, and because i want to take the party bus out right after the ceremony. At first i was thinking about 1:11 ( my FI and i are big on the numbers all being the same) because that would give us plenty of time to take pictures and them got out and be back in time for the dinner/reception. but when talking to my FI sister (also known as a pain in my ass) she brought up the point that guest will not want to have the ceremony at 1 and wait till 5 till the reception, i don't see a problem with this. so she told me it would be better it I had it at 3:33.

 now i just don't know what to do, any suggestions?

Re: trouble witth times?

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    I went to a wedding this summer where the ceremony was at noon and the reception didn't begin until 5.  We were a little upset by the huge inconvience but it ended up being better for everyone.  We went to a bar in between and we were able to freshen up a bit before the reception.  It seems like a lot to ask for out of town guests who don't have a lot of other connections other than the bride and groom but honestly it wasn't that bad.  I think that you should do that 1:11.  It's really cute and is a good starting time for the rest of your guests.
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    I would recommend avoiding a gap if you can.  The most compliments I got from guests (other than my dress) was how fast it was from ceremony to reception/dinner.  Especially if you are inviting kids as it can be hard to keep them occupied during awkward times. 

    Are you doing pictures before the ceremony? 

    You could start at 3:55, too.  If you do an unusual start time, I would create a flexible enough timeline to allow for starting late as guests might not show up on time.
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    I think it depends on your guests and your preferences. I am trying to do not more than an hour between the ceremony and when we enter the reception. 20 minutes to travel and the rest of the  time for us to take some pictures (but I also plan on taking a lot of pictures before hand so that we don't have to worry about that after the ceremony). I personally like the reception to start as soon as posisble after the ceremony, plus I will be having a LOT of out of town guests who won't be able to go home and refresh or anything. So it's just up to your preferences.
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