Caterer Help! Attitude on Food or Catering Creations?????

Hi there!

Would love to hear some arguments for each of these caterers . . . I've gotten quotes from both, think both have fantastic menu options, and just CANNOT decide!!!!!

Who has used either of these caterers - and what do you think was just tops from either of them. 

Also, anyone who looked at both and chose one, please will you let me know what made the decision for you??

I'm not very familiar with either, so all the info I can get would be SOOOO greatly appreciated! Smile
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Re: Caterer Help! Attitude on Food or Catering Creations?????

  • HuskerfanzHuskerfanz member
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    I've been to a wedding with both of them and the food and service were both great so I don't think you can go wrong.  Have you done a tasting with both?  What does your FI think? 
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    Before I moved to TX I was having my wedding at the fountains ballroom and they are both prefered vendors.  I spoke with both, tasted food at both and got quotes from both and they were really pretty tied in my book.  I ultimately decided we were going to go with attitude on food only because Melissa was amazing and did a great job of getting within my budget.  I just got more of a warm feeling from Melissa than I did when working with catering creations but I cant say anything negative about catering creations at all.
  • oksoonergrloksoonergrl member
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    I've been to weddings with both caterers. My best friend used Catering Creations and I cannot say enough about them.  The food was outstanding and the service was excellent.  She was soooo worried about everyone liking the food and not being embarrased and they nailed everything just right -  down to a family member needing a special dish....  She has used them for another party and it was just as perfect.  There is no question who Im going to use!!!
  • rml115rml115 member
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    I used Attitude on Food at my wedding.  They were great!!
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    I may be bias, but I have actually worked a wedding for Catering Creations. We got there early and helped fix details on the tables that were messed up (it was at the Fountains Ballroom and there were some stains on chair cushions, so we turned them over. Also there were spots on the dishes that the ballroom provided so we washed them). They have an eye for detail for sure, and the food is amazing.
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