Cake recommendations?


Does anyone know of a good cake maker in the Lincoln/Omaha area. I want something simple but elegant, tasty and not too expensive. I've been warned against HyVee. Any thoughts?

Re: Cake recommendations?

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    My sister had HyVee and her cake was amazing. I would say depending on when you are getting married you can go to a wedding show and a lot of the local bakers have tastings and information at the wedding shows so you can try a bunch of them the same day!


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    My best friend used Hy-Vee...they didn't set it up well and it tipped over. I knew another bride that used Hy-Vee (a different one), and her cake was red (wasn't supposed to be) and stained EVERYTHING. I've heard too many horror stories. Birthday cakes are good with them, wedding cakes, no way. 
    We went to Cake Gallery, but they were rude and ignored us. We've had a couple of bad experiences with them with FI's kids's birthday cakes, so no to them as well. 
    We are going with Linda Tills. Our samples were delicious! 
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    That was my sisters cake from her wedding. She got it from the HyVee in Council Bluffs. It was awesome and the fun thing about all the different layers was that they were each a different flavored cake.

    I love Petit's Cakes. They are absolutely delicious, that is where we order cakes for my work. I know Ameristar's Bakery has some amazing cakes as well, that is where I am looking at having my cake done, depending on the price. Their pastery team is absolutely amazing though.


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    Elegant, tasty and not too expensive...I'd say Diane Severson is a good option. I don't have her information since I didn't use her for my wedding, but I'm sure someone on here does. A lot of people have used her, and she gets great reviews. Last I checked, the only thing she couldn't do is fondant.
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    I am having the cake gallery do mine, I have the grooms cake and enough cake for 100 people and its about 200 for all of it. I am having the orange/ vanilla which is amazing.
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    I second Diane Severson... 493-0807.  Her cakes are so delicious, they come in various flavor choices, and they're very reasonably priced too!  I think I paid only about $1.65 per slice in April, but her prices may have changed since then.  Anyway, she's worth checking into.
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    Honestly, my suggestion would be No Frills, over on Vinton street. Tori Bell is the bakery manager there and does the wedding cakes. She's done a few of my birthday cakes, and a friend's wedding cake. She delivers and puts the cake up there, doesn't leave it up to some delivery guy who might mess something up and then just turn the cake to the other way. She goes the extra mile to make sure your cake will be what you want, and fabulous.
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    I recommend Chris Janicek with the Cake Box. Check out his website at to see his work. He's got a ton of different designs and flavors that he does. There's even a link for some cool grooms cakes that he's done. I'm not much for cake or sweet food but I absolutely fall in love with his cakes everytime I try one.
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    CUPCAKE ISLAND!!! OHHHHHHHH SOOO GOOD!!! plus its decently priced and you can get cupcakes of all kinds on the side!
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