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In anyone in the process of using him? I have not been able to contact him since January. He took our wedding pictures in April 2009. I still have not received my order. I have tried to contact him via phone, email, and even drove to his home. He has moved since my wedding. Please if anyone has a way for me to get in touch with him, let me know. I would appreciate it.
Thank you!!

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    I used him for our May 2009 wedding.  He was supposed to fix an error in our album cover but that hasn't happened and I'm sure won't happen.  Does he still have the studio on Blondo?  He did as of last August.  It would be worth trying. 6924 Blondo Street
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    Thank you for the information. I will try that.
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    My wife and I used him March 6 2010 for our wedding and we have yet to get anything. I know his home address is 6201 North 104th Street
    Omaha, NE 68134-1015 so you can give that a shot. That is what I am going to do. 
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    Bill Norton is a crook!  Took photos at my daughter's wedding in July 2010.  We prepaid, but i think that was the contract. ( dumb us!)  We have yet to receive the albums, etc. Since he wouldn't respond to phone or e-mail, we also went to his home on Blondo, found him & were promised the photos by May.  We are in the process of suing him in small claims court.  We will make our third attempt this week.  His veriied address in now: 5217 No. 86th St, Omaha, 68134.  Even if we get the judgement, there is no real way to collect.  Too bad we don't know Tony Soprano!  Good luck finding him, the photos or your money.
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