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I am planning on doing cakes as my centerpieces at each table. The cakes will be about 10in each and will all be different flavors. Does anyone have any ideas on where to get CHEAP cake stands (I will do plastic ones and ones that are short or tall). I am also looking for plastic cake servers. Any ideas on where to get these?

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    You could try a restaurant supply store or Oriental Trading Company.
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    Craft stores have them...and you can always buy the paper and get those 40-50% off coupons. Its worth spending 10 on ten papers if you need 10 because you would save alot more then that..then just bring your bridesmaids with you or go back every other day to pick them up...the bad thing is they only let you use one at a time..but well worth saving the bring a bunch of gals and go to lunch afterwards!
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    I am doing cakes as centerpieces as well, It am using decorative hat boxes.. that is always an idea :) good luck!
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    What about just using white salad plates with your colored tulle or round cut colored gossamer as a small charger under the cake's cardboard bottom? The dollar store has plain white plates that are smaller than dinner plates and they had clear glass ones too. Then you could use a little flower or something and you are good to go without spending a ton of $$.
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