Wedding Cupcakes? Where do we go?

We would like to have cupcakes at our casual wedding instead of the traditional fancy wedding cake.  Just wondering where to go in Omaha to find a vendor?


Re: Wedding Cupcakes? Where do we go?

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    Almost anywhere that sells wedding cakes sells cupcakes too. However it also depends on your budget. You could go to a specialty cupcake shop as well like Jones Brothers Cupcakes or Cupcake Island and they have lots of flavors and could probably do some cool ones but those will probably be anywhere from $3 to $5 a cupcake depending on what you get. I know my best friend got married last weekend and they got their cupcakes from HyVee and they had Red Velvet and Pink Champagne and they were delicious. Not sure how much they charge but I am sure it was pretty cheap.


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    Cupcake Island charged a $10.00 fee just for the consultation and tasting, I don't think they were that good either.

    I recommend either of these 2 wonderful women have used them both!

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    My future sister in law has a baking business and her cupcakes are TO DIE FOR. We just had her red velvet cupcake with almond frosting and I left wanting more. She will be doing our cake/cupcakes for our May 2012 wedding. If you're interested, let me know-- I will message you her info! 
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    Try Annette's Catering. She (obviously) does catering, but she has the MOST wonderful dessert selection you've ever seen. And they are all amazing...but she does have cupcakes!!
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    Jones Brothers is $33 and some change per dozen.. also its $10 for 4 -5 tastings- per person.

    They will deliver and do all the set up and you can have as many flaors as you want.
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    SNH23, I'd be interested to get your sister-in-law's contact info!  Almond frosting sounds amazing.  Thanks!
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    We love PJ baby cakes in Lincoln. She has some very interesting flavors and the carke toppers are bigger cupcakes with fondant dressed up to look like the bride and groom. It ends up being 10-12 dollars per dozen
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    Hy-Vee does an excellent job. It's amazing what they can do. I have been particuarlly impressed with the new on on 178th and Pacific.
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