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I am looking for a venue in Omaha or Bellevue that can accomodate a 100-150 for a wedding ceremony AND a wedding reception in September 2012.  I would prefer that the venue have pretty or somewhat decent grounds for a ceremony and a place for an indoor reception, still being able to accomodate comfortably a 100-150 wedding guests.  It would also be great if the venue allowed your own catering/to bring in your own food.  Please any suggestions would be helpful!  I have looked all over Omaha and the ones I find either do not give an option for a wedding ceremony outside only an indoor reception (Legacy Hall - at least from what I see), give an option for a wedding ceremony but not a reception (Omaha Parks such as Elmwood Park - their website clearly states "wedding receptions are not allowed at this locatjon"), allow an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception but you must use one of their select caters and/or are too expensive.  SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!

Very Frustrated Bride

Re: Venues

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    I am really wanting to get married in Omaha.  I live in Council Bluffs, only a few blocks from Bayliss Park, and I definitely do not want to be able to walk to my own wedding - know what I mean? An my FI is not that wild about Bayliss.  Great for an afternoon picnic, not a wedding.  Plus it does not my fit my requirements out of outdoor ceremony/indoor reception.  Vennelyst Park sounds interesting, but I wish they had a website! Arg, get with the 21st century people.
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    Maybe one of the venues in Fontanelle forrest, Bellevue berry farm, or Platteview Country Club (which is where I'm having my reception - they do have a spot for an outdoor ceremony).

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    Look into River west park. Just google it and it gives you a phone number. They charge you per person for the wedding but the reception is included in that price and theyll supply chairs, tent ect if you want

    Heather & Michael
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    Do you know if the chairs and tent are extra? And I see it says "when you rent our park, you have the flexibility to pick your own caterer and bring in your own beverage and liquor" - also do you know if it has to be a caterer or can you bring your own food as well as beverage?
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    My brother had his wedding at Hill Haven in Bellevue. They were going to do an outdoor wedding, but it was raining so they moved it inside last minute. You can have your own caterer. The indoor area is a converted barn, so it may or may not be your style. Depends if you like that country feel.  It suited them well, and everyone had a good time.
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    I looked at Fontenelle Forest and at the Joslyn Castle.  Both had beautiful outdoor options.  Good Luck in the search!
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    Check out Anthony's Steakhouse.  They have a gorgeous new event space, and there was an outdoor patio, with waterfall, I was very impressed.  I am certain you have to use them as a caterer, but the food/service were top notch at the wedding I was at there.
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