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Anyone get waxed or going to get waxed?  I really want to and have never done it before.  Are there any recommendations or tips?

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    I got bikini, legs, brows, and underarms waxed for my wedding/honeymoon and am so glad I did.  It was so nice not to have to worry about shaving on the honeymoon.  I was more confident at the wedding, too. It was my first time ever being waxed (except eyebrows a few times).

    I went to Turning Heads salon and they did a really good job. 

    It works best for the hair to be a certain length...I want to say a quarter inch but you might want to ask if you book an appointment.  I took ibuprofen but I don't know it actually ended up helping because it didn't hurt too bad.
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    I like Shannon at Creative Hair Design, Sarah at Fringez in the Old Market (longest lasting waxes ever!  Plus, her def. of bikini is much in line with swimsuit bottom designers).  Faces is also good.

    Some things to think about:
    1) It's not going to hurt as bad as you think.
    2) Take a tylenol 40 min. before you go.
    3) What type of environment will you feel comfortable in? (Fringes is very in&out, not so relaxing and Faces/CHD are very relaxing, soothing music, dim lights, etc...)
    4) How much do you want to pay? (I pay $30 with Sarah at Fringes; Shannon at CHD charged me $40 or $45 last time; Faces is right in the middle of the two)
    5) Do you care how the hair is removed?  Fringes uses wax and strips.  Faces uses some strips, but mostly a softer "flick off" wax
    6) As about the anti-ingrown hair stuff.  Most places will send you home with a sample.

    Lastly, give yourself about a day or two for redness to reduce.  You will always want to keep tweezers handy too...

    Good luck... oh and it is TOTALY worth it!
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    ESPECIALLY for the eyebrows you want to do it at least 3 days in my opinion because you can tell newly waxed eyebrows otherwise. I typically do it 5 days before for my eyebrows when I have to take photos and then just tweeze any new ones. The other stuff obviously you might want done closer to the time but not too close...also if your doing underarms sometimes you can get rashy and deod. can break you out when freshly waxed. Just depnds on your body I am ine by my sister breaks out. so give yourself time to heal just in case but it doesnt take but a day or two for hers to go away.
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    I go to Kimberly Spa out on 144th for bikini/brazialian.  My gal there is Heather, and considering I almost hyperventilated out of nerves the first time, she is such a pro and calmed me down immediately.  Not awkward at all...she's very professional.  Yes the first time hurt the worst, but all the other times I've gone they have so much quicker and hurt a lot less!  Yes take tylenol or Motrin at least 30 minutes before, but most of all ust'll be fine.  2000% worth it to not have to worry about stuff like that during the honeymoon.
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