Envelope wraps

does anyone know where I can find the actual wrap? I am having a template created but I have no clue where to buy the wrap! Thanks!!

This is what an envelope wrap looks like just in case you haven't seen them yet :)

Re: Envelope wraps

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    I'm pretty certain I've seen them at Michaels. They're in the spot with all of the water bottle labels and such. HTH! =]
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    Those are super cute!


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    Thank you!!
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    oops-- thank you to Chasity!

    and dazyabbey--aren't they cool looking?! I think our envelopes are going to be navy and I didn't want to do plain white labels b/c it might look weird so we are getting a template made from etsy (not the one i put before) so it looks unique. Etsy is amazing!!!
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    if you cant find them there check a scrap booking shop!
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