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Everyone on this board always seems to have the answers to everything... so here it goes again.

I am looking for a calligrapher for our wedding invites, I stopped by the stationary store in Country Side Village and they gave me 3 cards.  One person's phone is disconnected, one charges $4.50 for inner/outer envelope (3.50 for outter only) and the last charges $1.50 for inner/outter (1.25 outter).  I'm wondering if these are the only ones in Omaha or if you all know of someone else.

I think FI would kill me if I paid $4.50 per envelope!

Re: Need a Calligrapher

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    I just used Denese Mack, and she was highly recommended by a fellow bride on this board.  She charges $1.00 total, for both the inner and outer envelopes.  Her email is [email protected]  She is very nice and very easy to get a hold of!  Hope that helps!
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    Good for you for not attempting it yourself..I tried that for invites once...we ended up calling someone handwriting not so nice and it hurt after practicing so about printing them yourself? It does look super nice but I doubt anyone would say gasp she didnt handwrite them? =0)  4
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    Thank you everyone!  Great ideas!
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    I know of one other girl if you need another option.. Anne Sheedy is her name. I believe she can be reached at [email protected] I just saw her at a bridal show, but don't know much about her or her prices!
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