Do your own catering?

Does anyone know of an affordable reception site that will allow you to do your own catering? I dont want to use the omaha firemans hall because there will only be 150 people max... help please?

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  • I don't really know of anywhere. And my only suggestion was going to be at the Firemans Hall.

    You might be better off looking at places that maybe host Baby Showers or similar. We only had about 100 people and were looking for something similar and ended up giving up. The cost to rent a place as almost as much as just going somewhere with an exclusive contract. We ended up going with Blue Sushi downtown, they have other food besides sushi/Japanese.


  • We are having our reception at Bayliss Park Hall in CB. They are very reasonable, especially if your wedding is not on Saturday. Rates start at $300, which is for 3 hours of reception time. You have the choice of having the reception upstairs or on the main floor, so you have plenty of options. They also let you bring in your own food. Give them a call or check out their website: Good luck!
  • Legacy Hall on 90th and Blair High Rd!  They allow your own catering or to bring your own food, decorations, everything.  You can have up to 450 people max, but if you have over I think.. 250 people you have to hire security ($30/hr).  You get 6 and 1/2 hours or until 12pm (whichever comes first).  I think the total is around $2000, but it is well worth it considering you can kinda take control of your recpetion as far as food, drinks, etc.  Their website is  My fiance and I were in the same situation, we wanted to make our own food and this was the only place we could find that would allow it. Hope this helps!
  • Holiday Inn Downtown lets you have outside catering! (: That's where i'm having mine and about 120-150 guests..
  • Platte river state park mallet lodge or mahoneys riverfront lodge, bayliss, st peter's standalone social hall in cb, regency lake and tennis club, willow creek (on auction right now) and lots more.
  • This is where I'm looking-
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    Im on a really tight budget however i think i may have found my ace in the hole. The bellevue volunteer firemands hall.. 600 for a saturday  bring your own catering but all beverage has to go through them . I hope my father in law approves because im running our of options

  • so i lied... bellevue firemans hall is a joke... I just hope i can find somewhere soon.... im so screwed if we dont
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    Seriously the IBEW in Millard or St. Peter's Social Hall are both awesome and are $800 and $400.
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    Regency lake and tenns. In is gorgeous and fits 150 and no other fees or security and you an do your own food and alcohol for $650. I've heard they let you on the night before to decorate if it isn't rented either
  • WE BOOKED A PLACE!! its called Danish Vennilyst Park off of N 31st St. Its a beautiful venue and is only 600
  • so i lied... bellevue firemans hall is a joke... I just hope i can find somewhere soon.... im so screwed if we dont

    What did you not like about it?  My sister in law was looking into it. 
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  • The hidden fees, when you call and ask they are no there arent any hidden fees then you get there they just start adding fee upon fee upon fee
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