Stumped on the Reception location...

Hey Ladies,

My FI and I have looked at The Durham, The Stockyards Exchange Building, and are going to look at The Fountains Ballroom (in Glenwood). I was just wondering if any of you have been to weddings at any of these locations and thought that maybe some opinions might be nice.

The Durham is pricier, The Stockyards is more costly but gorgeous, and The Fountains Ballroom is kind of like a package deal (you pay them and they handle almost everything).

It's almost bumming me out because I am so scared that I will choose somewhere and then regret it later. There are things I love about each of them!

Thank you in advance!

Re: Stumped on the Reception location...

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    The Stockyards do an amazing job with putting on a wedding.  I personally don't think they aren't worth the money.  Brandies is good but they really overcharge for just "good" food.  We looked at the Durham too but it just didn't feel like what we wanted for our wedding.  The FI and I just kind of went with our gut on what felt right to us as a location.  It is where the majority of action will take place the day of and we wanted to feel comfortable.  If there is something wrong with a location you will constantly think about how much you don't like that one thing.  Don't stress - you will find the place that's perfect for you both!!
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    Agreed, decide where you feel comfortable and what you can afford.  I don't know much about the other two places, but we looked at having our reception at The Durham but there was a prom booked for that night.  It is pretty comprable to other places over all and the fact that you can choose your caterer and bring in your own alcohol lets you pick food and beverage at your price point!

    Make a chart and list out the following: Facility Rental Cost, additional rentals, food & beverage costs or minimums and ambiance (which location has the best feeling?  Do you want historical, traditional, etc...)  Your best bet will be there.

    I think that there was a coupon for booking at the Durham at teh Bridal Fair, 10% for weddings in 2010 and 20% for wedding in Jan-March 2011... you'd have to call and check!
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    I have not been to a wedding at the Durham, but I have at both the Fountains and Livestock Exchange Building.

    My problem with the Fountains is how far out it is. If that isn't an issue for your guests then it is a decent place to have it at. The people are friendly, and they take care of a lot of the things which is nice so that you don't have to worry about it. Well and the fact that you had to have a caterer come out to the location. By the way I recommend Catering Creations for amazing food. They have done a few weddings at the Fountains, so I know they go out there.

    The Livestock Exchange: The food The location is..not so great. I was at a wedding there and one of the cars got broken into..their window ended up being shattered and their radio was stolen. Mind you there were cops there too, and it still happened. I would recommend not going with them. The only plus side to them is their venue is very pretty.

    Some places you may like: Joslyn Castle, Renaissance Mansion, A View in Fontenelle Hills, Castle Unicorn (in Glenwood as well), Sokol name a few. Hope this helps.
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    Go with your gut and you won't regret it.

    I got married at Scoular and would wonder what it would have been like at Fountains (my second choice) but I have never regretted my decision. 

    My decision came down to first impressions, staff, and price (with everything added up...venue, caterer, etc).

    You are getting married to the love of your life!  You will be ecstatic no matter where you end up getting married. 
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    We had our reception at Livestock Exchange Building and it was wonderful.  The food tasted good, was nicely presented, and the cost was comparable to other caterers in Omaha.  The staff was also great.  Carolyn was accomodating and quite attentive throught the planning and the day-of staff were professional and very polite.  We had no issues with security at our event.  The overall value of a reception at Livestock is great.  Their staff set everything up exactly the way we asked, cleaned up at the end of the night - we did not have to do a thing.  I would highly recommend looking into Livestock.  We loved it!
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    I cannot speak for the other two but I am having my wedding at the fountains.  I agree with the previous posts do your research and go with your instincts.  I asked a milliion questions (literally 3 or 4 emails full) and met with the fountains twice (once with the owner for a general tour then once with their design guy to see if he could execute my vision within my budget).  I also did some emails and questions with other places all before I even considered booking it.

    Set up a meeting with each place then figure out what is most important in a venue to you and your FI and go with the one that meets the criteria and gives you the best feeling.

    It clicked for me one day when I envisioned my wedding and realized I was envisioning the fountains and then I booked with them the next day.

    Whatever you choose your day will be amazing!
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    I agree...  the Livestock Exchange is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woked with Caroline, and she was fantastic. worth the money!
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    Check out the Qwest Center...we looked at all the places you mentioned and more...the Qwest was so great to work with, the price couldn't be beat for the quality of food and service.  If I ever had to plan a wedding in Omaha for someone I would never even look anywhere but the Qwest!  They don't even charge for their room...just an F and B minimum!  It was amazing!
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    And I am going for a more rustic non traidional family friendly wedding and am getting married at the bellevue berry farm. We are having the wedding there and the reception there and they do not charge you a rental fee. You get the place for 5 hours anything over that is 150 per hour the only thing you pay is their catering price of 17.50 a person. ITs good for a DIY bride because they dont do everything for you but if you dont mind that then you can save quite a bit of money as well. Things they include are hay rides, use of their playgrounds for the kids. They have a HUGE playground too. We have many kids coming to our wedding. I am getting married with kids and all of our friends have kids so as a way to celebrate a new beginning for my children and i we are making it every bit a celebration for them. I think they will enjoy having this celebration at the bellevue berry farm. They also will set up a bonfire which we plan on doing and having smores for the kids.

    We are getting married in the fall and they grow pumpkins and we are getting a deal on that as well..we plan on using pumpkins as part of our centerpieces and having small ones to give to all of the kids coming. Also plan on having stations for the kids with some fall crafts, coloring books, games and then of course the playground and hayrides they will have as much fun as we are while we are dancing and visiting with our friends.

    It all just depends on what your going for..what your comfortable doing and what you can afford. This is for us and obviously a farm wedding isn't for everyone. Most people tend to want the classical elegant weddings. I would fear my kids and my friends kids would be bored to tears with that and would be afraid of them breaking things and so we are going with something that represents us coming together as a whole family rather then a single pair getting married.

    A big thing to remember too is you do not want this to be something you are paying off for a very long time. It is one day you will remember forever true but it doesnt have to break the bank and put you in debt majorly. Good Luck on finding the best venue for you two.
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    We are getting married at the Durham next summer. The lady who does the booking there is very helpful and has wonderful suggestions. FYI - you cannot serve red wine at the Durham. (We found that out later.)

    My maitron of honor got married at the Livestock Exchange, and it was a gorgeous wedding. We would have looked there, I didn't want to have it the same place. It is a little far out, so if you decide on that you might have to think about cabs or other transportation.

    Good luck!
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