The Thompson Center

Omaha Brides,

Have any of you been to a wedding at the Thompson Center on UNO's campus? FI and I will have our reception there and absolutely love it, but have only walked through one wedding briefly there.

Does anyone have any helpful tips/advice?

Re: The Thompson Center

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    I don't have any advice but I have heard its beautiful! Sorry I couldn't help more. Good luck!
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    My brother's friend just had his wedding there last weekend.. it was fabulous- according to my mom.  She said she didnt really notice the staff but when they did see them they were really polite.
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    I'm watching this thread because that's our first choice for reception. I've never been there, but FI has been to a couple receptions there and said it was great. He was a bit vague on decor details though. ;-)
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