ENGAGED COUPLES: $500 dollar credit available for Erin's Court in Omaha, NE

Hello everyone, my fiancé and recently put a $1,500 deposit down for Erin's Court on 120th and Fort in Omaha, NE. While we do love the venue, we have decided we would prefer to get married out-of-state with a close group of friends and family. While we would prefer to get our full deposit back, we figured we'd have better luck if we took a $500 cut to help another couple who is interested in this venue. If anyone is interested in reimbursing us for $1000 of our deposit, they could keep the full $1,500 at Erin's. It really is a beautiful, full-service venue with an amazing design team! Check them out at Feel free to email me at [email protected] or text at 402-218-9386. We'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
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