So, our venue us now including DJs (if you choose to do so) in their package. You have to pay for them of course but it's kind of cool.

If we go with them we are paying 650 for the reception and the ceremony (underground wiring runs to speakers outside). It's a standard rate for DJs but I was wondering if anyone knew of someone that was around the same price that had some really good recommendations?

If not, then we may as well go with our venues DJs. Thank you in advance!

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    Welp, I looked at Bandstand, Complete and I booked Showtime Music. All were around the $600 range I'd say, but it was just for the reception (usually 5-6 hours), so I'd say it's a pretty good deal if they include the ceremony as well. I decided to rent my own equipment for my ceremony as it was cheaper then having the DJ come out, and it's still going to cost me $200 for the sound equipment for the ceremony, so I'm going to end up paying close to $800 for 6 hours at the reception and my ceremony. HTH! =]
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    if you book at dc center and use complete music they'll discount you to $570 for 6 hrs of a dj
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    A coworker of mine does DJing professionally on the weekends. The good part about that is that he is not in it just for making money. He started doing it because he wanted to and it was fun for him. So like a lot of the DJ Services out there that are over the top trying to wrestle you in to their services and all of their add on's, he isn't like that. He does a great job and he does a lot of school dances as well as weddings.

    There is his info. That is who we are going through. :-)


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    We booked through Complete Music and we are paying 500 for 6 hours.  We had a coupon from a bridal fair.
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