Forgot Some Vendors--oops

Cake Topper: Lynn's LIttle Creations, etsy
Lynn took pictures of us, my dress, our dog, and a description of Kyle's tux and created a wonderful polymer clay centerpiece. We love it because it will be a keepsake for our mantle forever. I included the link of the finished product, but am unsure it will work because its been purchased already.

Makeup: Courtney Woodhouse. Email me directly at [email protected] if you want contact information
Courtney is a friend of my sister, works at Sephora and has been doing makeup here and in London. She did a fantastic job, came to our hotel room, and was very quick and professional. She was professional and fun and did a great job with different skin tones and what people wanted.

Hair: Machela Tibbets
Machela is moving to Seattle, but still wanted to give the review that she did a fantastic job with our hair. She came to our hotel, listened to what the bridesmaids wanted and I felt gorgeous :)

Honeymoon: Sandals, Sandals Royal Bahamian
We went with Sandals because all-inclusive is the only way to go! We set up everything (including flight) through their website, and it was less expensive than getting airfare separate.

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