Catholic ceremony music / no full mass?

So for anyone who has been married in the Omaha Diocese - what music did you play for your processional, recessional, solos??

I am born & raised Catholic, but am not a huge fan of the traditional hymns.  We'd love to keep it to classical music and maybe use a modern song (I'm Yours by Jason Mraz - sung by a friend who has an amazing voice) for the recessional but don't think our music director will be all that receptive to it. 

We're still also pushing our priest to allow us to omit the full mass.  My FI did convert to Catholocism (my entire fam is Catholic), but his entire family is Lutheran & we feel that having Communion where only 1/2 of those attending can take part in sort of negates the concept of including everyone in our wedding.  Anyone with some other arguments that will help plead our case would be fantastic, too!
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Re: Catholic ceremony music / no full mass?

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