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Is anyone having, or has anyone had their wedding or been to a wedding at Joslyn Castle? If so, can you give me some thoughts on the venue.  Worth the price? Also, I see on their website it lists a price for off season - can anyone tell me what the off season is? Thanks!

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    My sister got married there in May of 2009. It was nice for the wedding but the reception was very ackward and weird. The way they split it up you can only have 2-3 tables in each room so we didn't even get to hear the speeches or anything else. It was just so chopped up and no one knew what was going on or if anything was going to be happening. It is a very nice house, but it is just that, a house. I think you would be better off having it at an actual reception hall that is open so that everyone can see and hear you and it could be more of a group atmosphere and a lot friendlier. Also, my sister only had about 75 guests so it wasn't even a big wedding.


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    i would say the same i went to spring banquet there and it fits very few tables per room and everyone feels spread out plus i feel any kind of dancing would be an issue
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    I've heard that receptions are very awkward there, since the guests are split up. 
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    I got married there on May 7th but had the reception at Anthonys Steakhouse.  The ceremony outside was gorgeous with about 380 people attending.  Then they give free castle tours to anyone who wants one after.  I thought it was worth the money but if I would of had to have my reception there I would have had it outside under a huge tent because like everyone else said it is too chopped up to have inside.  you have to pay for the whole day whether you have the reception there or not so that was a rip off and it cost 1400 for us.  This was something we splurged on because we fell in love with it and I think it was worth it.  Dont forget you have to pay for music and chairs too though.
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