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    [QUOTE]I was originally planning on sucking it up and wearing really high heels because I don't want to pay for alterations, but even with a 4" heel (I'm used to flats) the dress is still a few inches too long. Does anyone know of a place that gets the job done well and is relatively inexpensive? Thanks in advance for any info!
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    I went to Linda Lee. She was really affordable!

    Linda Lee Bridal Creations
    2714 South 106th Street
    Omaha, NE 68124


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  • I would recommend Judy Davis, she is very reasonable and works quickly.  (402) 515-7659
  • I don't know what your idea of cheap is, but I got a bridesmaid dress altered at Jack's Tailors last year.  It cost about $70 to bring it in a size (I had lost some weight between buying the dress and the wedding).  The lady there is named Connie and she's a trip!  I'll be taking my FI's daughter there soon to alter her bridesmaid dress for our wedding.
  • There is a seamstress in West Omaha who did very, very reasonable work for me on a suit for work. She took the pants down a whole size for what another place charged me just to do the hem on a different pair ($18). I know she does a lot of weddings, too. I think her name is Sheri. 402-980-9504.
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