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Instead of cake, we are going to have cupcakes. The problem is, finding cupcake holders. We are making about 300 cupcakes (whatever is not eaten is getting donated) and I don't just want them to sit on the table flat. I know there are a couple of neat looking do it yourself things online, and I know that I can buy some holders. Does anyone know where I can rent cupcake holders though? I would hate to have several holders just gathering dust in the basement. Any help is greatly appreicated!! 

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  • Many times you can rent them through the bakery you use.

    You can also just make one out of candlesticks and dollar store plates.  That way you can either donate it or just throw it out when you're done.  
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  • I bet if you look on pinterest and search for cupcake display or cupcake holder you will come up with loads of ideas!
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  • Since you said 'making' 300 cupcakes, I'm guessing you aren't using a bakery, however, a bakery might be able to help you. I'd just ask them if their stands are available for rent or if they know of a place that rents them. Also, does your reception venue have that at all? Mine did, but my baker had the stand anyway.
    Also, if you can't find anything to rent, I'm sure you can buy something online and always sell it to another bride-to-be!
  • One of my friends did a cupcake "bouquet" in the middle of each table - a painted terra cotta pot with cupcakes coming out the top with frosting that looked like roses - they were completely DIY. She just stuck them in there with toothpicks. It was awesome! We literally thought it was just flowers at first. And, it solves your centerpieces as well! Plus you could always reuse the pots!
  • I have a cupcake stand for rent if you are interested. Here is what it looks liked at another wedding I did.

    You can contact me at lindsay [at]
  • For my sister's reception I just saved various sized (sturdy) cardboard boxes.  We stacked them so that there were varying heights and then covered the boxes with nice linens.  The cupcakes were stacked on the different height boxes.  The only cost was the rental table cloth used to cover them!
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  • Thanks for the ideas everyone!! They are greatly welcomed :)
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