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Im a little frustrated right now - My sister lives in colorado and she went to order her bridesmaid dress last night and the david's in colorado couldn't find my file - so they had none of my information - and it took them about 30 minutes to finally get what dress she needed and what my colors are ect. My sister is a very petite girl - shes only 16 and shes a size zero. I informed Davids of her size before i picked my dresses - (the smallest size they carry is a 2) and they told me it will be no issue what so ever to get her a zero. they never told me charges or even mentioned that there would be charges. The only thing they informed me was that alterations are around $30 for them to do it for the first alter. My sister goes and orders a zero - and then they inform her as she's paying that there will be another $110 charge for alterations because its a zero!!!!! Why wouldn't someone mention that to me!????? oh btw your alterations for that dress will be about the price of your dress (Dress is $155). ugh im so angry at them right now! I just wanted to post this - Incase any of your girls might be doing alot of alterations, or in my case special ordering a size. *oh not to mention i had to remind them probably 50 times that i had purchased my gown through them so she needs to get her discount! two of my other bridesmaids never got their discount so i had to call them back already! urgh!
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