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9/12/09 Wedding and my dress still isn't here!!

So I haven't posted in a VERY long time, but I need some suggestions/words of encouragement.I ordered my wedding dress from Heart to Heart Bridal in North Liberty.  I live in Cedar Rapids, wedding is in Des Moines.  I ordered it January 17th and they said it would take 4-6 months to get in.  Well here we are...6+ months later and it's still not here!! I'm under 7 weeks until the wedding and really starting to PANIC!! I went to the place last Monday and they said every time they call the company they say it "In production."  Well what the heck!  It is from Jasmine Bridal and I really love it, but I'm starting to wonder what I'm going to do if it's not here in the next couple of weeks!  Thoughts?!? Anyone else cut it this close?
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Re: 9/12/09 Wedding and my dress still isn't here!!

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    I would start scouting other stores that have on the rack dresses that you could buy in case yours doesn't show up in time.
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    I would not settle with the answer of "It's in production." They need to get to the bottom of this situation and find out when or if you're going to be getting your dress. Is it still being made? Processed? Shipped? Be forceful with them. In the meantime, I would perhaps start looking for a backup plan such as one off the rack, borrow a friend's (or Knotties), or find a bridal shop that can do quick shipping. Good luck!
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    WOW! I agree with Kendra. If I were you, I would force the bridal shop to give me the # and call the company myself. I would say the bridal shop is hiding something. I would also start looking for an alternative. Hope's Bridal is wonderful!!! I live in the Cedar Rapids area too. Try there if you need off the rack, I know they do this. I know it stinks, but take a deep breath and remember it will work out exactly how it should. You love the dress, so it will either get here on time, or there is one out there on the rack that you will love more and that is the dress you are meant to have. Good luck!
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    If you do end up having to get a different dress, I'd also demand my money back from H to H.
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    First off, I wouldn't overly stress.  I'm getting married 8/22 and just got my dress two weeks ago.  And I just did my alterations last week.  :)  You still have a bit of time.Your shop should be able to provide tracking information.  The ladies at Weddings by Design tracked mine down to China and let me know when it would be coming over via boat to the States (they're great over there).Pressure the shop to give you more concrete information.  But don't feel like you're totally under the gun.  It will work.  :)
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    Im a 9/12/09 bride too and got mine within the last month.  I agree w/both pp... 1) Be assertive, I know its tough sometimes (im not assertive personality) but this is your big day and you bought it! If it were a friend, how would you advise 2) You might want to see what is available... maybe even through Bridemaids dresses--some of them are really great! Hang in there!
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    I am wondering how this turned out...have they gotten you an answer?
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