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Fitness time~

Yes ladies, it has been about a week since our last post! How is everyone doing this week? I have still just been getting a simple mile in on the treadmill. Slow walk, up the incline then a jog for a .25 mile. Gets me going and gets a mile in. I intend to do more tonight. I didn't work out as much as I feel I should have! I am motivated for more, as I lost 2.5 lbs this week with my weight watchers.Keep up the great work that is going on out there!!

Re: Fitness time~

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    Great job!  I'm not currently trying to lose, just maintain, but it's still a struggle not to eat everything in sight when you're under the stress that we're all under.  I have an exercise class I take twice a week called Chicometrics that has really helped me tone muscles all over my body.  I also walk for at least 35 minutes over my lunch break 4-5 times a week, and if I have time I try to fit an exercise DVD or additional walking in the evening, but that doesn't always happen. 
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    I have given up POP! I havn't had one since 7/18/09 and I have lost 10LBS. I am so excited!!! I need to get back into the gym I have not been so well at going every day. But I think its good im sown 10 lbs. and I havn't been to the gym in 2 weeks.
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    Hi Ladies! Well, I am starting my weight loss plan tomorrow (Monday, Aug 3rd). I am hoping to loss 25 lbs in 13 months. I have found the 6-month plan here on the Knot and am planning to use that, plus some of the other exercise that are posted for abs, arms, back, etc on the too. Tomorrow is also my first day to give up pop! So, here is my plan for the week: M-W-F, walk for 20-40 minutes, drink 4-8 glasses of water (that is going to be the hard part for me!) T-R, no exercise, but drink 6-8 glasses of water.* *I'm to do this for 2 weeks as per the plan from online. Wish me luck!
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