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I was wondering if you could give me the website that you used to order Lincoln's tux for your wedding...I have asked for it before but I don't now.

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    Hey! Sorry I missed this post before. We haven't actually gotten his suit yet, but I decided to buy it locally due to his size being so small for his age. The place I am going to look are Me And Mommy To Be in Ankeny and the kids formal place at Valley West Mall. Online I was thinking of using, so thats probably the one I mentioned before.
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    **Butting in**I was at Hope' Bridal in Atkins over the weekend and they have little suits/tuxes (for sure brown, but maybe black too) for like $65 for little ones. They offered for our RB, but he wanted the big guys tux to match. Skeffington's offers a decent enough deal on renting it was as cheap as buying. But Hope's might be worth checking if your RB isn't big enough for the rental tuxes. Hope that gives an additional option. **Butting Out***
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    Thanks Ladies!Our ringbearer will be 19 months old and he is kinda little and the smallest tux I found to rent was 3T...that would probably be too big...I think we are going to have to just buy one!
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