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My best friend and matron of honor is wanting to know ideas on what I want for my bachelorette party. I mostly just want to hang out with my girls. We have tossed around the idea of getting a hotel room downtown, grabbing dinner, going to bars and then walking back to the hotel. I wondered if any of you lovely ladies had suggestions on the best places to go downtown or other fun bachelorette party ideas. My best friend lives in KC so she requested some direction and I want to save her hassle and stress. What did you do for party? What is your best recommendations for downtown? Any other unique fun ideas? The party is set for September 12 which is fast approaching! Any help you can offer would be much appreciated!!!!!!! Thanks, Alicia Wahoo only like 38 days til the wedding!!!!

Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas

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    I am not much help here, we did exactly the idea that you tossed around, only we did it in Chicago.  GL though it will be tons of fun no matter what you do!!  And woohoo, 38 days and counting!!!
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    Sorry, I'm probably not much help either.  For my bach. party we're going out to eat as a big group and then going to my sister-in-laws house for a big slumber party.  Junk food, chick flicks, games, hot tub will all be part of the evening and that way everyone can drink, have a good time and then stay overnight rather than having to drive home.
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    Turtle~ yours sounds fun! We are renting the clubhouse at a friend's condo association. We are ordering pizza and playing a few good bachelorette party games. Then we will have a party bus pick us up and head out in Des Moines. Everyone is chipping in $5 for the pizza and then we will split the bus so it is only $10-15 pp. This is keeping cost down on my girls that are throwing the party! For games we are doing a 20 questions (the girls will ask the groom 20 questions that I then have to match the answers too, i.e. what is FI favorite movie, where was first date, how did we meet. but he has to be very specific in his answers so that it throws the bride off.) The other is a panty game. Each guest can bring a pair of panties if they want to participate. They all get tossed in one big bag, then the bride has to guess who brought what panties. Both are funny, we did them at a friends party recently. Oh, the bride drinks if she is wrong about panties, or the answer to the questions. I don't know much about downtown. I lived in Des Moines for 6 years and didn't go down there much for partying, but did go to the restaurants.
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    Everyone wore crazy hats/headpieces/wigs. We met at Dos Rios for dinner then bar hopped downtown. just a heads up that the Iowa v ISU game is the same day as your party. not sure if that makes a difference one way or the other, but some bars that are showing football games might still be busy.
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    I know this is a late post but you can do a comedy show. It's fun and fairly cheap. Also a good way to start the night with lots of laughs :)
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