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I have a few things for sale but right now am lacking pictures... so email me if you want more details.  My email is csquared21 at hotmail.Items:40+ bags of lime green gems (we used these in vases and also sprinkled on tables) bought for $60 would like $20 for all of them or if you only need some we can work it out.30 submersible tea lights.  These are water proof and give off a good amount of light.  They have batteries that last 40 hours and we had them on for about 10.  I bought them for $60 also and would like $30 for them.  Here's a link that shows what they can be used for in decorations. foam boards that say Mr. & Mrs.  the colors of the background is lime green and pink - $2  "How Sweet It Is" lettering in lime green and pink - $5Hot pink tulle - quite a bit in length as it was used to bunch up along the whole front of the head table - $2Hot pink squares that are sheer fabric some are 8x8 and some 12x12 - total of 35 of these.  I also have a skein of fabric that is the same.  Will sell all of it for $1040 yards of 8inch ivory tulle - $3If someone will take all of this off my hands at one time I'll give all of it to you for $60.  First come, first serve - please take it off my hands!  Thanks!
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