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Would you let them make this tea length?

My teen nieces are my candle lighters and both not overly excited (they are just teenagers and what not). The dresses we picked were Bill Levkoff style 908 in tiffany blue. They are tall, skinny girls. Blonde hair, blue eyes and look great in this dress. However; they really want to make it tea length. I don't want to be bridezilla, but LOVE it long, plus the bridesmaids will have long dresses. I tried to post the link and can't make tiny pic work, I am not smart enough I guess. Thoughts? Do I just lose this battle to keep them pasified? I don't want them unhappy the whole day.

Re: Would you let them make this tea length?

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    Let them wear tea length. 
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    Ditto Molly - if they're comfortable and feel pretty, they're sure to be happier. As the first people in for the ceremony, they will help to set the tone of the wedding; don't you want them to be as radiant as possible? This is a really small issue. Is it worth choosing to fight this battle?
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    I will let them cut it off. I don't want them unhappy, but need to get over loving the dress long. Just needed that reassurance that it would look okay tea length. I am not who is wearing it :)
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    [IMG][/IMG]     Is this the one?  I see what you mean about how great it looks long, but it will also be super-cute cut to tea length!  :-) 
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    That is it. Wish I could make Tinypic work. I think it is my work comuter and I have never tried it at home. It is so pretty in the blue color! And they are built perfect to wear it. I think it will be just as cute tea length.
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    I think that would be super cute tea length! But maybe I am biased, as my girls will be wearing tea length.
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    I agree, let the girls go tea length! For one, it will make them feel better and be happy and two, it will let them be a bit different, yet staying similar enough to be noticed as part of the wedding party. Love the the dress, and I agree, it will be super cute with it in the tea length! GL
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