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I know I have a close to 11 months left for planning, but I've already started dress shopping. My bridesmaids, my Mother and I checked out a store today where I tried on a dozen dresses. I feel like I found the one, but am conflicted. It's a little out of my budget so I'm trying to find it online for a possible lower price. I'm not having much luck finding it (or it's price). Its a Jasmine Couture style # T148. If anyone finds anything, I would appreciate some insight on how to find it easier online. I would buy it from store, but I had an issue with the customer service. My consultant was less than supportive the entire time I tried on dresses. I didn't receive much of any help from her and she acted like she didn't even want to be there. She didn't give me much of any information, and when we asked for anything, she would just shrug us off. Any advice would be wonderful! Or, if you know anyone with the dress that would like to sell it, that would be great!
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Re: dress shopping

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    Where did you go to try on dresses? I'm sorry you had a negative experience with your consultant - I loved my consultant and actually just went back and bought the dress I fell in love with yesterday. Does the place you went to ever have sales? Have you tried any smaller bridal salons - sometimes they can get the same dress and give you more of a price break.
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    I would call the store and make another appointment. Tell the person on the phone you didn't have a good first experience and would like to work with a different consultant. You may even be able to get a % off the dress which may bring it into your price range. You will find throughout your wedding planning that vendors are going to take less money than they quoted you. I have a friend that went to an event planner got a quote but told them they will pay 1/2 that and they pretty much got everything that was quoted as twice that.
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    Have you tried calling different stores in your area? If that doesn't help I would contact the shop and ask to speak to the manager and tell him/her about your experience with x consultant. The manager should be more than happy to rectify your bad experience and polly give you a discount. HTH
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    Sorry I'm a little late on posting, so hopefully you still see this.  I'm not sure where you went shopping at, but I found a Jasmine dress I loved in the Des Moines area (I'll leave the salon out because I don't want to bad mouth), but the customer service also was less than stellar and also out of my budget.  I went to the Jasmine Bridal website and used their store locator.  I called most of the stores anywhere near here to check prices, and found the exact same dress at Bridal Dreams in Oskaloosa for $325 less than the Des Moines store.  Yes, Oskaloosa was kind of far away, but they are open late on Thursdays so we were usually able to drive down after work, do the shopping/fitting/whatever, and then drive back and be home by 9-10pm so it wasn't terrible.  Plus their customer service was great.  The people there are incredibly nice and easy to work with.  I looked on the Jasmine website and Bridal Dreams doesn't carry the Jasmine couture line, just the regular collection, but I would definitely try calling around to see if some place else can order the dress for a cheaper price since you have already tried it on and know that you like it.  Sorry that was so long, but good luck!
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    check out hart's bridal in osceola. it is a small shop with a BUNCH of choices for dresses.  she has a lot in stock to try on and/or buy and lots of magazines to choose from.  the owner is a very sweet lady that is good at what she does. the customer service there is FANTASTIC!  my 2 sisters got there wedding dresses there, i just picked out my wedding dresses there last weekend, my older sis purchased one of her prom dresses there, and i purchased both of my prom dresses there. she doesn't have any hidden fees. if the company u buy ur dress through doesn't charge her for something, hart's won't charge u for it either.  i hope this is helpful. :)
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    I actually wore this dress for my wedding in August. I still have it, but unfortunately it probably to damaged to sell. The bustle did not hold and there are large holes in the top layer of silk. It was a size 14. I'm a street size 8/10 and the seamstress had a hard time altering the top half of the dress to fit me. The dress was just too big! However, I can tell you where I go it! I ordered it through Bridesmart in Chicago for approx. $700 including a catherdral veil. They would have given me 15% off, but choose to pass the savings onto the bridesmaids for their dresses. Oh, I live in Marshalltown, IA. It was a very, very comfortable dress to wear and very in temp.! If you want some pics of me wearing in send me your email! Erin
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