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NWR-Birthday Ideas for FI

FI's 25th birthday is on Nov. 29th and I am clueless on what to do.  He hates his birthday because he has some irrational fear of getting old and he particularly does not want to turn 25.  I would really like to do something that would distract him from thinking about getting older.  We live in ames and it always seems that there is nothing to do, especially on a sunday.  Does anybody have any ideas of something we could do in the area??

Re: NWR-Birthday Ideas for FI

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    Have you been to perfect games? You could go bowling or they have laser tag...I think that either of those would be fun with just 2 of you or if you had some friends you wanted to include that coule be fun also.
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    For Mr. Gem's birthday a couple of years ago I rented a hotel room with a jacuzzi, bought some vodka and drink mixers, ordered dinner to be delivered to the room, and surprised him with a romantic night "away" even though we were right in town.  He loved it and has been hinting that he'd like to do that again.  ;-) 
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    u could make him cookies from scratch or some other favorite dessert of his. i usually make sugar cookies for my sweetheart on valentines day, but it works for any occasion.  as they say, the way to a man's heart is through is stomach.  i have cookie recipes (ranging from SUPER easy to a lil complicated, but nothing too difficult). have fun!  :)
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