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So, just wondering what everyone is doing for their honeymoons. We are getting married on December 18th and we simply can not decide what to do. Some of the options we have kicked around are going to the Iowa bowl game, but only if they made it to the Rose Bowl, which unless they can pull out a W today at Ohio State that doesn't look like it's going to happen, going to his cousin's wedding in Florida in April and then staying for a week and doing something in Florida although I don't know what, or my parent's own a time share with the Palace Resorts so we could do a week at one of those. Basically there are many options but of course, not a ton of funds. Just curious what everyone out there is doing. Are you going right after the wedding or waiting, etc? We really need to nail this down and I'm confused. Help!

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    My FI and I just settled where we are heading for our summer wedding. WE don't have a large budget either so we are taking up a free offer that we got. A few days/nights in Niagara Falls. And we decided to drive cause we could save the money not deal with airlines. should be fun! Since it's december I would just wait till April and spend some extra time down there before or after the wedding. Also, think about just heading to a near larger city and spending two nights right after the wedding... you need a small get away!
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    We went to British Columbia after our August wedding and had a freakin' blast.  It's just gorgeous up there!  We talked for a long time, though, about having a December or January wedding just so we could have a skiing honeymoon.  Get a room with a fireplace to snuggle by in the evenings...  very romantic. 
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    We are getting married Friday, and staying through the weekend in Des Moines w/ family and friends. We will come home to Cedar Rapids after. We are talking March to take a long vacation/honeymoon (after my vacation time refreshes at work). Not sure where we are going, waiting to plan anything until after the wedding stress is out of the way! Somewhere warm is my only real request in March. I think the time share sounds like it could be your cheapest option. You wouldn't have to pay for the place to stay. Could get some groceries and eat in some meals to save $$. Hotels seem to be the biggest expense by the time taxes get attached to room rates.
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    I will be starting my student teaching right after I am married, which is Labor Day weekend next year, so we can't do much until I graduate.  We've considered the thresher's reunion in Mt. Pleasant, riding the train in Boone, or chilling at home.  He wants to take me to stay in a friend's cabin in Colorado the following spring.
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