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Question -- whom of you tipped your photographer or are planning on tipping your photographer?  I didn't tip my photographer during my wedding and wonder if I should have and should still send a check in the mail for this.  She did do a great job and was good to work with on that day.  I haven't gotten all of my pics back yet, so do you tip once you have received the product or is tip built into the price I paid for the package?  It wasn't a cheap package so I really didn't have any left in the photography piece of the budget for tipping.  What about videographer -- tip or no tip? And by the way... my wedding was great!  Married life is so good right now.. :)

Re: Tipping???

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    Glad to hear that married life is treating you well.  :-)  The general rule is that if the person owns their own business, you don't have to tip since they get all the profits from their work.  Really the best "tip" you can give them is letting others know that you loved the work those vendors did for you; sending more clients their way is much more profitable for them than the 20% or so you might tip! 
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    Good to know!  I just didn't want to be rude by not tipping if I am suppose to.  Thanks.
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