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Which town to have my wedding in?

I recently became engaged and am having trouble deciding where to have my wedding.  One option is to go back to my home town.  I grew up in a smaller town and growing up I always thought I would get married at that church.  It is has been almost 10 years since I graduated, and have lived in Des Moines for the past 5 years.  So now I am torn about having it here where I currently live and where we will start our life together.  There are 2 things that are making this decision hard....1.We met through church, so if we had it in Des Moines...the ceremony would be at the place that brought us together.  2.The reception places that we are considering here in Des Moines and small town Iowa are basically about the same.  We will be having a large wedding so that narrowed our options.  However, the reception will be about half the price if we did in small town Iowa instead of Des Moines.  If anyone has any thoughts on this topic, just let me know.  Thanks!

Re: Which town to have my wedding in?

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    Welcome to the board! Sorry if this gets long. We had a similar delima on which town. We met in Des Moines, but FI is from small town IA and I am from small town MO. Ultimately we chose Des Moines for a few reasons (1/2 way between both hometowns, where we met, most of our friends are there, etc.) We also thought about our small towns not having hotels to accomodate 300 guests, so that was part of it. Budget may dictate part of where to have it if the reception will cost that much more, think about your budget overall, and decide your priortities. If you want to spend most of your $ on the reception, it may not be as big of a deal. Just an idea... How far away is your hometown? Could you have the ceremony at the church that is special to you for you and FI, and maybe immediate family? Have a reception in your hometown at a later date for cost savings... just a thought. Or could you hold the cermony in DSM and then travel for reception in hometown? I wouldn't if it is further Ultimately it is about what you and FI want and what will make your day special. I have guests that don't like my Friday wedding, but it is what FI and I want since we met on the Friday before Thanksgiving, it is when we will be married. GL
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    If money is an issue, I would go the cheaper route.  Pick wherever it is the most important/special to u.  We thought about his dad and step-mom's house cuz of all the beautiful pics, but decided that wasn't a good enough reason to marry there.  then we debated between my parents farm and the pond of our neighbor's house (my neighbor's house is where we first started talking at).  we decided to have immediately family only at the wedding. between that decision and the fact that it would be hard for my crippled MOH to walk across a pasture, we decided on my parent's farm, which is also where the reception is held.  that's how we decided, maybe that will help u out a lil by giving u some things to consider.
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