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Looking for a non denominational church in the Des Moines area

My fiance and I are having trouble finding a non denominational church, or any church for that matter, that will marry us. The churches we have looked at so far require us to be a member. Are there any decent churches that do not have this stipulation?


Re: Looking for a non denominational church in the Des Moines area

  • It depends on how many guests you are having.  We got married at the Church of the Land at Living History Farms and you can bring in whoever you want to do your ceremony, but the seating capacity is only 150 people.

  • I know this may be a little nosey or to much to ask, but we are getting married in des moines as well and are not members of a church and we are interested in living history farms... how much was the rental fee for that church?
  • Sorry I just caught this I dont come back here all that often.  The fee is $1000 and that is for 5 hours of rental time on the day of the wedding with a 1 hour time the day before for the rehearsal.
  • We had the same problem trying to find a church in the Des Moines area that would marry non-members. Although it's not non-denominational, St. Mark Lutheran Church in West Des Moines (on Grand Ave.) was willing to work with us and allow us to get married there even though we're not members. Capacity is 300 so would be bigger than the other one talked about here. 
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