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Snus Winery for Ceremony and Reception

Has anyone used Snus Winery for their wedding and/or reception?  We're seriously contemplating it for our September 2011 wedding.  You can bring your own caterer, which is a huge plus.  Would love to hear any positives or negatives from those that have had a wedding there.

Re: Snus Winery for Ceremony and Reception

  • medusia00medusia00 member
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    Wow!! I had never heard of the place, but I just checked out their website and it looks very pretty!
    The only thing you have to remember about having the wedding at a winery is that you might not be able to have any other drinks(beer, ect) besides what they provide, or maybe just wine.
    But that place looks great!!!
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  • milesbellamilesbella member
    edited December 2011
    They allow outside alcohol for a $250 fee (but they won't allow kegs).  We're thinking of just bringing a water trough and filling it with beer and ice and keeping it outside.  Still lots of time, but I'd love to see that place "done up" for a wedding to see if we'll like it.  Right now, it's between that and Jester Park (but Jester Park is already booked through October 2011).
  • kwelder1kwelder1 member
    edited December 2011
    I havent heard of the Snus Winery, but I am having my wedding at JEV winery in Tama. We are not having our reception there because their banquet room cannot accomodate our guest list for a formal sit down style dinner. So we are just going to plan to have our outdoor ceremony there, and then have our reception at an inside location nearby. At JEV, you can also bring in your own caterer, and they allow kegs, but you must also pay a fee to have it there. I am hosting my wedding there for $125.00! It is VERY cheap there. We plan to utilize their gazebo there (overlooks a pond) for the ceremony itself. You also get discounts on wine purchases (which will come in handy for my reception!) Gotta love how cheap it is to live in IOWA! I read on here that some girls are paying 5k just for a ceremony venue and I'm getting away with $125! WHOO HOO!
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  • ToBeMrs2011ToBeMrs2011 member
    edited December 2011
    I thought Snus Winery looked awesome, but sadly it was too small for the size of our wedding....darn those big families! 
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