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Who are you using/Who did you use? 

I am beginning my search for cake vendors.  The cake isn't overly important to us.  In fact, I'm contemplating doing cupcakes with one small cake for us to cut together. 

Any tips/ideas/recommendations, ladies?

Thank you!

Re: Cakes

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    I don't know where you are located exactly, but Hy Vee is a place that is everywhere.  They're pretty cheap too.  If you did cupcakes, maybe that's something you want to do yourself with help from friends/family, and just have the cake ordered.  We are having cake for majority of our guests, I am baking cookies (w/some help from family), and our cake vendor is going to make a very small cake for us to store away in the freezer to eat on our anniversary.  We are just going to cut out a piece of cake for us from whichever cake flavor we want (that way we're both happy about the flavor).  We are having a 3 tiered cake and two smaller cakes off to the side.  Our vendor also said she'd throw in a few cupcakes for free.
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    We got our cake from HyVee.  They are great to work with.  Something to think about though.  Some reception sites don't allow you to bring in your own homemade cupcakes.  I think it has something to do with health code.  We are having a candy buffet and had to have all of our candy wrapped.  So make sure you ask if homemade cupcakes are ok to bring in!  Good luck!
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    I don't have my full vendor review done yet (4/17 wedding- need to get on it) but we loved indulgent moments!


    Cake was not important to us and we were not going to spend the $5 per slice we were getting from other Des Moines vendors.  A knottie recommended this place to us and it was perfect.  Great price first of all and the guy was great to work with.  I think we had maybe 10 pieces of cake left over at the end of the night.  Totally worth a taste testing.  Oh and the frosting has that really smooth look but not fondant .

    just my thought on cupcakes- a lot of work and hard to get a great quality. 
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    We are using indulgent moments too :)  I LOVE their frosting :)  soo delicious!! I can't wait to eat it at our wedding hehe
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    I know I'm probably in the minority, but I personally didn't like the frosting from Indulgent Moments. Tasted it at a bridal show.  Loved the cake, didn't like the frosting.

    We haven't chosen our cake vendor yet though.
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    We're using "Cake Me I'm Yours". They're just outside of Perry. I first tasted her cake at a bridal show. It's the best cake I've ever had, and I LOVE cake!
    Heather is doing a small 2 tier for us, almond white with raspberry filling, and then 4 dozen cupcakes in different flavors with different colors of frosting. She is not near as expensive as some others around.
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    We haven't finalized anything yet, but we've started corresponding with Ames Best Pies. They don't do normal wedding cakes, but they have a huge selection of pies, cheesecake, and specialty cakes like tres leches, pinapple upsidedown cake etc. It might be a kind of a wild card, but I'm looking forward to something different. Plus, we're getting married in DSM so we've been trying to find ways to incorporate Ames (our home) into the wedding.
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    Carefree Patisserie in Valley Junction has AMAZING cupcakes!!!!
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    were using Glorious Deserts...she is by far the best in the Des Moines area!!  and very reasonable in price..she's soo creative!!
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    My brother used Shelly's Country Cakes out of Baxter.  My FI has been dreaming of the cake ever since.  Guess I don't have much choice :)  Another option that I had at a Bridal Show is these mini cake balls.  They were delicious and one would be rich enough to fill you.  It may be a cheaper option.
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    Well.... I am doing my own for the display cake because cake decorating is a hobby of mine... but I am having sheet cakes made from yummy's bakery in Coralville because they have all sorts of gourmet flavors.... SO DELICIOUS! We are having six different flavors becaue they were all so good but my favorite is white chocolate truffle raspberry.... um-hum..... :)
    ~basquing in the wedded bliss~
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    Carefree Patisserie is amazing, I definitely agree!
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    I used Rachel Urban who makes cakes out of her home in Ankeny.  She was great, and the cake was delicious (her raspberry filling is to die for!).  Here's a photo of our cake!

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    Sweetest Perfections in Waukee for the surprise grooms cake
    Carefree patisserie for reception cupcakes.  CHECK THEM OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T!!  :)  Best tasting cake, ever. :)  They do cakes and cupcakes. 
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