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Outdoor Fall wedding location

Hi! I am scouting locations for an October 2011 wedding to be held outdoors. I want it to be near Adel, Iowa. I have come up with 2 so far, but I know there has to be more. Any help????
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Re: Outdoor Fall wedding location

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    Welcome!! Have you thought about going to the Dallas Co. Fair grounds? Or a City Park?
     I know some places have a gazobeo that you can rent, or a shelter. Then you can rent chairs for the location, I know some places will work with you about delivery and setup.

    HTH, let us know what you pick!!!  Smile
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    have you looked into the Brenton Arboretum? it's off of Hwy 6 a few miles, but cute.  Not sure how big you were thinking for the wedding, as the park is not huge, but it has some cute little ponds and lots of trees. 

    Kuehn Conservation Area also has some really nice spots for an outdoor wedding!
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    I'm not sure of any places - but i did attend an October outdoor wedding last year and it was FREEZING! It ended up raining that day, but it was so cold that it was more of an icy drizzle, they didn't have a back-up "indoor" plan so it was a little miserable. 

    So maybe pick a place that has an indoor back-up plan! : ) 
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    glad you got some good suggestions :)
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