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Hi Iowa Ladies!

Hello from Western NY!

My Fi and I are planning a honeymoon to Iowa. We are total country folk who wanna go somewhere rural and beautiful. We have been discussing going to Dubuque, IA and bumming around that area. I tried looking online for what life is like in your state, but I keep finding all these reviews from people who didn't seem to appreciate rural life in the first place.

So if you have a minute, I'd like to hear about life in Iowa. What is the best part about it? What would you change? Thanks girls!

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    Also, those reporters listed on that site, Mike Kilen and Kyle Munson, would more than likely answer any questions you have/had. Both are very well-traveled in Iowa.
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    I was reading my travel & leisure magazine last night and to my surprise - saw Mason City, Iowa in there!  Apparently they have the last Frank Lloyd Wright building there and just spent a TON restoring it and making it into a pretty cool hotel ...
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    When is your honey moon?  Waterloo Iowa has the National Cattle Congress, my home town has a huge national horse sale. 

    Amana Colonies are always fun! 
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    Agreed! Amana Colonies are fun or Lake Rathbun Resort, very outdoorsy and has lots to do!
  • I agree, the Honeycreek Resort at Lake Rathbun is both rural and beautiful. It really lets you enjoy the outdoors. They have updated lodges to rent that would be perfect for a honeymoon. Lots to do and see there around the lake. We live in Agency, IA currently , however, I've lived in Soux City and Ames too. I wouldnt trade living in Iowa for anything, there is no better place. Lots of farming and hardwork but folks are friendly and the living is pretty cheap. I'm glad you considering to visit us!

  • For beautiful scenery visit guttenburg ia right next to the good ole mississippi river!
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