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Recommendation for jewelers?

Hello fellow Iowans!

BF and I have started to seriously look into ring shopping (or maybe doing some custom work). At first we decided to look at the big names such as Helzberg, Zales, Kay, and Jared's. However, some wonderful ladies on NEY mentioned that you can typically get a better ring for a better price when you go to a local jeweler. Honestly, this is the opposite of what I expected.

Basically my question is if you guys have any suggestions for jewelers? Or any advice about big names vs local. Bf and I are stationed in Cedar Rapids, but are not opposed to traveling to Iowa City, Des Monies, or else where.

Lastly, do local jewelers typically take custom work in a way where I might have a picture or 2 of rings that I like at a chain jeweler - could they mimic that ring?

Sorry for so many questions and thanks in advance!
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Re: Recommendation for jewelers?

  • Iowa Diamond. That is your best friend. They are amazing and they can do custom rings too!!

    That's where I got my ring and I love it!
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  • My ring came from Hands Jewelers in Iowa City and my fiancé had nothing but wonderful things to say for them. My co-worker also got hers from there and loves them!
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  • Iowa Diamond! They are amazing and have a huge selection.
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  • We got my ring from Ames Silversmithing. They are a family owned local business and really give you a lot of attention! They guarentee all their work for a lifetime and they can make anything you want custom! My fiance picked out some different settings he liked and they special ordered stones for him to choose from too! He said it was a great experience. We plan on getting our wedding bands from there too!
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  • My ring is from Joseph's and I highly recommend them! They are very knowledgeable. We didn't do anything custom though.
    Also I know people who have gone to Anglo and good experiences. I feel they might be overpriced, but it's at least worth a trip I think.
  • I third Iowa Diamond!!!!!  They did custom work for me and I love it!  They are 100% amazing to work with and I will recommend them hands down every time.  My husband got is ring custom done at Fiscus in Ankeny and I would also recommend them.  They are also local and wonderful to work with.  I have done other custom work with fiscus before.
  • I also recommend Joseph's!  They are a family owned company and truly stand by their quality.  We did so much research and visited every store in Iowa and we are truly thankful we decided to purchase through them.  They are extremely knowledgeable and want the best for you.  One word of advice:  the tax always adds a bit more to the price!  If you ask them to send the ring to an out of state location (my parents are from NE so we had it shipped to them) then you don't have to pay ANY taxes!  This is only available for local stores.  

    Good luck!
  • We went to Artisan's downtown. Alan gave us a great deal on my ring! I wanted a cushion cut, so I called him a day or two in advance and he ordered in several stones in our price/size/quality range for us to look at. We picked "the one" and he gave us an awesome deal on my solitaire setting to make it fit exactly in our budget, tax included. I'm very happy with my ring and he worked with us very patiently, despite my indecision. :)
  • I'm on the Joseph's bandwagon.  My e-ring is custom, but we had considered having a replica made of a Tacori design that I liked, but ended up finding an in-stock setting that I liked better.  However, my wedding band is custom made since they didn't have a matching wedding band.  I highly recommend them! Their know-how and customer service is excellent!
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