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Hi everyone,

My FI and I are starting to plan our October 20, 2012 wedding. Right now we're mostly looking into places to hold the ceremony and reception so we can officially set the date.

We both want the ceremony to be held at a church since we both grew up in the church. He grew up Catholic and I grew up Baptist but neither one of us attend church currently and we aren't set on having the wedding be Catholic or Baptist - just religious. (I'm thinking maybe an evangelical free church since I've also attended that type of church). 

We are planning on moving in together before the wedding and I know that there are some churches that won't marry you if you live together before the wedding.

Does any one know of any churches I should take a look at?


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    We are getting married at the Church of the Land at Living History Farms, which lets you bring in your own pastor/judge.  There is also the Candle lit Way wedding chapel out in Dallas Center that has a list of people you can use to do your ceremony depending on the religion you are going for.  However, those I think both have a max guest capacity right around 150, so if you are looking for something to hold more people, that may not work as well. Congrats and welcome!
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    I don't have any church suggestions but just wanted to say Congratulations!! Good luck planning everything!
    Our reception is at the Renaissance Savery Hotel, in case you need any suggestions.
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    My fiance and I are currently going through classes to join the Hope Church in Des Moines, It is a Lutheran Church. We have the same situation as you, I am Catholic and he is Baptist. We have found that the Lutheran faith is a nice medium for us. The people at the church are amazing and very welcoming.
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    Ditto ammbcince on the Lutheran Church of Hope suggestion. E-Free churches are probably just as strict as Catholics, FYI. I grew up Lutheran as did my fiance. We are getting married in a Presbyterian church as its beliefs are what we mostly identify with and is the most easy-going. Everyone is super nice, also.
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    Welcome to TK! This is a great group of ladies, and will be able to answer many questions!

    I'm not sure on a church, but I see some great suggestions above!
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    Thanks everyone! FI and I will keep exploring options and see what's a good fit for us!
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    Take a look at Unity Church as well!!!  Welcome!!!

    Good idea to secure the location first they go quick!!!  After that I would keep an eye on craigslist for things you need you can get it super cheap!!!  I think you should book your photographer in advance as well, maybe even as soon as a year or more in advance if you have one you know you want!  A lot of the good and cheap ones go very quick as well!!!

    Good luck!!!
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