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Vendor Reviews - Sorry it took so long!!

Hey Ladies! I wanted to get my vendor reviews out a while ago, but life got in the way!! Here they are! I am sorry they are so long but I wanted to make sure to give all the info I could! Let me know if you have questions!!

Ceremony Location: Toad Valley Golf Course: B+

Allison was great to work with, very helpful in answering all of my questions and emails before the wedding. The day of she came up to say Congrats, and gave us free Chocolate covered cherries. She is super sweet. The Venue was perfect, so nice, no one was on the golf course when we got married, and they were around while we were taking pictures but we didn’t notice.

We loved the place that we were able to get ready, so nice a cozy there were mirrors to be able to do hair and makeup, there was a bathroom. The only thing was that there was no door, so anyone that felt like coming up could. I had several unwelcome visitors, including family members that I didn’t really need to be up there.

The best part of the venue was when Allison came up to me after the wedding and said it was the most fun wedding she had ever seen at their location, and that I was the funniest and most laid back bride she’d seen.

The reason for the B was because of the chairs, I was expecting the nice chairs they had inside, instead they had white plastic chairs. Also they did not deposit my final check until about a month after the wedding, only annoying but not a deal breaker.

Would I recommend this to another bride? Most Definitely.

Officiant: Rachel Agans A+++

She was amazing!! I know Rachel from my work, and found out after I got engaged she is an ordained Officiant. She was super cool and easy about the entire process. She emailed me with several different options for verses and how the entire ceremony was going to go. Basically I got to pick how our entire ceremony was going to go.

I also wanted a reading, but I wanted the Ceremony to be short. I asked Rachel to read part of The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. She did an amazing job.

The entire ceremony was about 15 mins, and it was the funniest and most real wedding I’ve been to. We laughed a lot and everyone had a great time. I had a date of a friend ask me where she is a minister at so he could go to her service, she was that good!

Would I recommend this to another bride? Most Definitely.


Reception Location: Events Center West A+

Amazing, The location is where the old Billy Joes Picture Show used to be. They have redone it and it is amazing!! There is tiered seating and lots of room. We had about 200 people at our wedding and there was more than enough room for everyone.

Cindy is the coordinator with the Events center and she is great, always on top of answering my questions and emailed back within a day or two.

The center is a little pricy for my taste $1500 but in the end I wouldn’t have picked another location.

The only thing, if you are doing the wedding yourself be prepared to move tables. It is always setup the way the wedding had it before, for us that meant about ¾ of the chairs would be put away and that was a lot of heavy lifting. So bring friends. Luckily I had a great team that I knew would be able to help out and it went pretty smooth.

Would I recommend this to another bride? Most Definitely.


Catering: Famous Dave’s A

The Food was AMAZING!!! This was the best wedding food I have ever had, and I had most guests stay that! When we went through the line, the food was still steaming that’s how fresh it was. Everyone was able to go through the line 2 times if they wanted. That was the same amount of servings I had ordered they just brought more to us.

The only reason they are getting an A is because they were a little late. I had to call them and make sure, it wasn’t that a big deal.

Would I recommend this to another bride? Most Definitely.

Flowers: Costco A

The flowers came to my house on Thursday. They were packed in very nice boxes and fit into my fridge pretty easy, after moving some shelves. I would recommend getting them on Thursday by Saturday they were blooming as they should and looked great.

Would I recommend this to another bride? Yes

DJ: Musical Edge A

Our DJ was great, he arrived at the venue about 2 hours before was needed. It was a little weird he had to come ask where we were setting up while we were taking pictures but it wasn’t that big of a deal. He did a great job with the flow of the music throughout the ceremony. The only thing I didn’t like was that during the dancing part of the reception he didn’t play a lot of the songs that people were requesting. But he was very laid back and went with what I wanted rather than what my crazy photographer was telling him.

Would I recommend him to another bride? Yes


Cake: Hy-Vee Cupcakes A++

We had a little scare on Thursday when I called to make sure they had our order.  A new guy answered the phone and was looking in the wrong place. However after a mini heart attack we were golden. These are the best cupcakes I’ve had in a long time. Everyone loved them and couldn’t believe they came from Hy-Vee. At .59 cents I couldn’t complain.

Would I recommend them to other brides? For sure!

Dress: Weddings by Design A

If you go there on a week night you will get amazing service! We went on a Thursday night and had the best consultant. She let me sit in my dress for an hour and a half waiting for my MIL to come to get the dress. It was awesome, they allowed my BM’s to try on BM’s dresses at the same time. The alterations were a little pricey but they keep the dress there for you and are great with answering questions.

Would I recommend them to other brides? Yes

Photography: Anna Moser Photography D

Anna is nice, she is a very friendly lady. With that being said it was like a high schooler taking pictures. I had nothing of what I wanted. We had the worst time trying to get our E-Pics scheduled after threatening to drop her as our photographer she finally called back for us to setup a time. On the wedding I had given her a list of pictures I wanted. I got none, she took her time to do what she felt. We didn’t get any pictures of H with the bridesmaids or me with the groomsmen. Overall a great disappointment. I got my pictures back after about 3 weeks, so that wasn’t bad but not a lot were edited and I only found about 3-4 that I was in love with.

Would I recommend them to other brides? No

Hair: Amy Raife A+

Loved Amy, she did an amazing job! She came to the golf course where we got ready and was there just having a great time and being super funny. I loved my hair, I had 2 trials with her after I changed my mind. It was so much fun. Great prices, and willing to work with me.

Would I recommend her to other brides? Yes

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