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Hair and Makeup in Iowa City??

To spoil myself I'm hoping to get my hair and makeup professionally done for the wedding, either find someone who will come to the hotel or a salon where my BP and I could all go together (it wouldn't be *that* many people).  I don't get my hair cut anywhere fancy at the moment (I'm in grad school), but I wouldn't mind actually building a relationship with a stylist that would last longer than just the wedding.

I seem to be able to find MUA who will come to you but not hair stylists or someone (or a team) who would do both, and looking at various salons' websites I'm not sure exactly what they would offer or how much it would cost.  Before I break down and start calling a bunch of places I wonder if anyone has any recommendations?

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Re: Hair and Makeup in Iowa City??

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    There is a salon in Coralville called Lotus that my cousin used to work at (she works in DSM now). When she worked there I would drive to IC to see her and have gotten to know several of the hairdressers at the salon. They are all great! Another salon in IC that I have had good experience with is Twin Image....they have great stylists also. Good luck, hope this helps!
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